Online Catalogues With Credit Accounts

Catalogues With Credit lists UK catalogues with credit accounts where you can apply for credit and if accepted, use your credit account to buy now pay later, pay monthly or weekly and spread the cost of shopping online.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Credit catalogues offer an affordable way to buy the products you want now and spread the cost with low monthly payments. Correctly managed a catalogue credit account can even help to rebuild your credit rating should you have a bad credit rating or a history of poor credit.

Before You Apply for a Credit Account

When you apply for a credit account with any of the UK catalogues featured on our site then a credit check will be made to ascertain your suitability for a credit account, and if so, what credit limit to offer you. It is important to ensure the information you provide on your application is correct and is in line with information held about you at the credit reference agencies which are consulted when performing a credit check.

You must be at least 18 years old and a UK resident to apply for any credit.

No Credit Check Catalogues?

There are no catalogues or UK retailers that offer credit with no credit check being undertaken. As part of compliance with strict financial lending criteria, a credit check will always be made, though even if you have a bad credit rating you may still be eligible for a catalogue account, so don’t let a credit check put you off applying for a credit catalogue account.

How to Improve Your Chances of Acceptance for a Catalogue Credit Account

If you already know you have a bad credit rating, you can improve your chance of being accepted for a credit account by ensuring your first order made at time of application is of low value, typically £50 to £100. This reduces the risk to the catalogue company of offering you an account. If you are accepted for a catalogue account, you must then ensure you stick to making at least the required minimum payment each month and on time, it’s best to set up a direct debit so you don’t forget to make the minimum payment. Once you have established trust with the catalogue company and demonstrated your ability to repay and manage your credit account effectively, an increased credit limit may be offered to you which will enable you to buy more expensive goods like a new washing machine, a sofa or TV.

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