Catalogues With Credit Accounts is a guide to UK shops and catalogues with credit accounts.

Apply for a credit account at any of the catalogues and stores featured on our website and if accepted you will be able to buy now pay later, pay monthly or weekly and spread the cost of shopping online.

What Can I Buy With A Credit Account?

There are thousands of items available to buy on finance and credit accounts. The most popular products include mens, womens and childrens clothing, toys and games, laptops, tablets and desktop computers, kitchen appliances and electrical items such as a new TV or  washing machine as well as furniture like a new sofa or bed.  With over 30 retailers listed on our site you are sure to find what you’re looking for!

Catalogues For People With Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit rating or history of poor credit management your chance of acceptance for a credit account or finance plan will be limited. When you apply for a credit account a credit check will be made to ascertain your suitability for credit and your ability to repay and if you are accepted, what credit limit to put on your account. Even if you have a bad credit rating though, there are companies such as Brighthouse which are more likely to accept you, though the interest rate is much higher than more risk averse catalogues.

Check Your Credit Rating For Free

If you are unsure of your current credit rating or are looking for ways to increase your credit score and your ability to obtain credit, we recommend taking up the free 30-day trial at, the UK’s leading multi-agency credit reporting service which offers detailed information held on your credit file and provides useful tips and tricks on how to improve your credit rating and where you can get credit based on your current credit score.

Credit Accounts With Guaranteed Acceptance?

As part of their responsible lending obligation under the rules of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), any catalogue or store that offers credit must perform a credit check on you at time of application. There are no guarantees of acceptance, though you can greatly improve your chance of being accepted if you know you have a bad credit rating or low credit score by placing an order at time of application that is low in value, e.g. £50, rather than trying to get that brand new £1,000 TV! If you are able to get a credit account in this way, so long as you manage your account well, make payments on time and in full where possible and demonstate your ability to manage your account responsibly, the company may automatically increase your credit limit or you may ask to have your credit limit increased in time, thus allowing you to purchase more expensive items.